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What is a Draft Inducer?

The draft inducer is a fan situated near the heat exchanger inside your furnace. As soon as your furnace initiates a heating cycle, the draft inducer activates as one of the initial components. It commences operation 30-60 seconds before the burners ignite and runs continuously throughout the entire heating cycle.

The draft inducer operates before the burners are lit to eliminate any residual combustion gases that may be present in the heat exchanger from the previous heating cycle. These gases are expelled from your home through the flue pipes in your system. During burner ignition, the draft inducer continues to function to maintain a steady supply of oxygen for the burners.

The draft inducer enhances your furnace’s performance in two ways:

Firstly, it helps ensure safe operation. During burner ignition, it is crucial that the burners ignite in a safe and controlled environment. If any combustion gases are present inside the heat exchanger, lighting the burners could cause a small explosion. However, draft inducers prevent this safety issue by clearing out all combustion gases from the furnace before new flames are ignited.

Secondly, it improves the efficiency of your system. The draft inducer supplies a consistent flow of oxygen to your furnace’s burners, enabling them to burn efficiently. This maximizes the amount of heat generated by the burners and distributes it uniformly throughout the heat exchanger's walls. Consequently, your supply air will contain more heat, and your home will warm up faster, leading to more efficient heating cycles.


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