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KoolMech Welcomes You to the Green Revolution: Ontario's Heat Pump Rebate Program

Updated: Jan 16

Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Programme

At KoolMech Mechanical Corporation, we're excited to bring you groundbreaking news that not only warms your home but also warms your wallet. Introducing the Ontario Heat Pump Rebate Program, a visionary initiative by the provincial government to make energy-efficient heating solutions more accessible. Join us as we explore how this program can revolutionize your home comfort and save you money.

Ontario's Commitment to


  • The Ontario government's Heat Pump Rebate Program is a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability. By incentivizing the adoption of energy-efficient heating solutions, the program aims to reduce carbon footprints and promote greener living.

  • As a homeowner, participating in this rebate program means you can enjoy substantial financial benefits. The program offers rebates on eligible heat pump installations, making it an ideal time to upgrade your home's heating system while putting money back in your pocket.

Navigating the Rebate Process with KoolMech

  • Visit our website at to explore our range of heat pump options eligible for the Ontario Rebate Program. Each system is designed for energy efficiency and optimal performance, ensuring you get the most out of the rebate.

  • Contact KoolMech to schedule a consultation with our experienced team. We'll assess your home's heating needs, help you choose the right heat pump, and provide an estimate that includes the potential rebate amount.

  • Trust KoolMech's skilled technicians to handle the professional installation of your chosen heat pump. We ensure the system is installed to the highest standards, maximizing its efficiency and your potential rebate.

  • Navigating rebate applications can be complex. Our team will assist you throughout the process, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete and submitted accurately for a seamless rebate claim.

The KoolMech Advantage

  • While the rebate program provides immediate financial benefits, the long-term advantages of energy savings are equally significant. Our heat pump systems are designed for efficiency, ensuring ongoing reductions in your energy bills.

  • By choosing KoolMech for your heat pump installation, you contribute to the green movement, aligning with Ontario's environmental goals. Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the planet.

Seize the Opportunity with KoolMech

Ready to experience the comfort of a state-of-the-art heat pump while enjoying exclusive rebates through Ontario's program? Contact KoolMech Mechanical Corporation today and embark on a journey toward sustainable, efficient home heating.

Visit to explore our heat pump options and kickstart your rebate application. Join us in making your home greener, cozier, and more cost-effective with the Ontario Heat Pump Rebate Program.


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